Stop Banking the Bomb - Community Action in a Time of Crisis

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Catholic social teaching challenges us to ‘see’, ‘judge’, and ‘act.’ Too often our efforts focus more on seeing and judging without moving toward the most important step—action. This webinar is a call to action in response to the crisis our world is facing because of the continuing threat of nuclear weapons. What can we do?




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On January 17, 2021, the United Nation's Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) entered into effect (EIF). Nevertheless, both the US and the UK have recently announced that they are moving forward with modernizing their nuclear arsenals at a cost of hundreds of billions of dollars. Thus, even with the TPNW in effect, the anti-nuclear weapons movement must continue to work not just to ban nuclear weapons but have them abolished. What can we do?  Fr. Paul Dordal, the founder of the Pittsburgh-based PNC: Stop Banking the Bomb campaign, is one of the main movements in the US working to undermine the financial support system for the funding of manufacturing nuclear weapons.  Fr. Dordal will discuss the campaign's strategies and methods as we move towards the abolition of nuclear weapons once and for all. 



Paul Dordal is a married priest, ordained in the Syro-Chaldean Church of North America (Assyrian Church of the East). He lives in Pittsburgh, PA, with his wife Martha and their three teenaged children. Paul currently serves in full-time ministry as the Chief, Chaplain Service at the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System and as an adjunct professor of Integrative Ministry at Vanderbilt Divinity School. He is also a member of Veterans For Peace, and a combat veteran of the Iraq War.

Paul is the founder of Stop Banking the Bomb Pittsburgh and a member of the Thomas Merton Center also in Pittsburgh.

April 23rd, 2021 3:00 PM through  4:00 PM
United States