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A Place Called Home

A place called home with comfort for the weary;

A place called home of nourishment and rest; 

A place called home that welcomes in the stranger,

Where one unknown becomes an honored guest,

Where love can find a human habitation;

God grant us all this grace -- a place called home.

(Verse 1)

- Fr. Jan Michael Joncas

We are grateful to Michael Joncas for his permission to use this song as a "theme song" at AUSCP gatherings.



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Catholic Climate Covenant

Direct link to Homily Resources

Volunteers to to assist with the homily resources would be welcomed; contact Michael Agliardo, SJ: magliardo@jesuits.net



Assembly Presentations Available on Web!

Presentations that were videotaped from AUSCP Assemblies are now available to view on Youtube: 

Assembly Presentations

Links to 2017 Assembly Presentations:

Fr. Bryan Massingale

Jack Jezreel

Archbishop Wilton Gregory  

NCR Runs Article on AUSCP's Proposal on Pastoral Care in Priestless Parishes

An article by Peter Feuerherd appeared in the January 25th edition of NCR online, "Let Laity Lead Parishes, priests' resolution urges US bishops." The article is based on the document developed by an AUSCP Working Group chaired by John Hynes and Ray Cole. The document was sent to all US bishops, active and retired, in November of 2017. You can access the article HERE.

Leadership Team Holds Meeting in Albuquerque

The AUSCP Leadership Team (LT) met in Albuquerque January 23-25 to finalize plans for the 2018 Assembly and discuss future plans. They met with Richard Rohr, seen here with the LT (red plaid shirt) to discuss his plans for keynote presentation and retreat at the 2018 Assembly. 

Archbishop John Wester hosted a dinner for the LT at his residence on January 24th. He will be the main celebrant for a special liturgy on June 27th, following the retreat by Richard Rohr.

The 2018 Assembly will be an exciting event that you will not want to mess! For more details and the registration link, see below. Register soon!

AUSCP Supports Fasting Priest

While in Albuquerque, the AUSCP Leadership Team learned that Rev. Gary Graf, a priest in the Archdiocese of Chicago, has promised to fast from solid food until lawmakers replace the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

Leadership team members issued a public statement in support of Gary Graf and for the children of immigrants threatened by the end of DACA. The statement said, in part:

“We support our brother priest in his public action, taken to help young immigrants who came illegally to this country as children,” said Rev. Bernard “Bob” Bonnot, chair of the AUSCP leadership team. “We will pray for Father Graf and the cause he has espoused. We commit our leadership team to fast, if possible, at least one day a week until this issue is resolved. We encourage our members to join us.”

Archbishop Wester has promised to join the AUSCP LT in fasting one day per week. We invite others to do likewise.

 Responses - Youth Synod Survey

The deadline is January 31st for answering the Youth Synod Survey which was sent out on January 15th. Special thanks to the 212 who have already  taken the survey. We hope many more will respond before January 31st. Thank you!

Parish Listening Sessions

For the first time, reports indicate that younger women are leaving the Church in greater numbers than their male counterparts.  When surveyed, those who have left say that one of their chief reasons is the Church’s undervaluation and treatment of women. In an effort to address this emerging reality, a round of listening sessions with a focus on women’s equality in the church is being organized by Future Church in collaboration with AUSCP. For the Church to heal and move forward, we need to hear the authentic voices of all its members, including women.  In the case of younger Catholic women, it is imperative that we listen anew.  Among other benefits, the results can be fed into 2018’s Synod on Youth.

If you would like your parish to be a pilot site for this suggested round of Listening Sessions, please contact the AUSCP Office. Guidance and a packet of materials to be used will be provided. Subsequently the process will be refined and conducted at other parishes across the country.

Catholic Energies Program 

Catholic Energies was developed to complement the Catholic Climate Covenant's education and advocacy work. The program emerged in 2016 from hundreds of conversations with pastors, parish staff members and organizational leaders about the need for practical steps on behalf of the environment. The program is designed to: Conserve, Educate, Inspire. Catholic facilities can benefit significantly from learning energy efficiency, saving money and saving the environment.  For more information, click on:

 Catholic Energies program 


Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns - Lenten Reflection Guide:  In  commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,  we offer reflections, questions, prayers, and actions for the season of Lent based on each week’s Gospel reading and the six principles of nonviolence offered by Dr. King in Stride Toward Freedom, his memoir of the 1957 Montgomery bus boycott.  

Click here to download the Lenten Reflection Guide.


FutureChurch Teleconference Series: Emerging Models of Parish and Community Life - The next teleconference in this series will be on February 7, 8:00 PM ET on the topic "Everyone Leads." Chris Lowney, a former Jesuit seminarian and business executive who now chairs one of the world’s largest Catholic ministries, not only outlines the challenges but also maps the path forward in "Everyone Leads."   Sign up

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Can We Still Attract and Grow Disciples?

Confirmed Speakers:

Bishop Robert McElroy, Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM

Sr. Katarina Schuth, OSF

Early Bird Special! Register by check by March 31, 2018 and pay $475. Send check to:


200 St. Francis Avenue, Tiffin, OH 44883-3458

 Online cost $495 - Registration link

Hotel Link: Albuquerque Marriott Pyramid

($112 per night; book by June 4, 2018)

Marriott Pyramid North: 505-821-3333

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