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Labor Day Weekend

To celebrate Labor Day, take time to look at your purchasing practices. You can use your purchasing power to help protect human dignity. 

Catholic Relief Services has a CRS Ethical Trade website where you can purchase goods from companies that value fair prices, safer working conditions and environmentally sustainable practices at home and around the world.



Links to 2018 Assembly Presentations

Katarina Schuth 

Bishop R. McElroy

Richard Rohr


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To access information on care of creation and Laudato Si', click below:

Catholic Climate Covenant

Direct link to Homily Resources

Volunteers to to assist with the homily resources would be welcomed; contact Michael Agliardo, SJ: magliardo@jesuits.net

Naming the Evil of Clericalism

Addressing the problem of clericalism is one of the goals that received top priority at the 2018 AUSCP Assembly. NCR online (August 23, 2018) carries an article by Fr. Thomas Rosica titled, "We can only move forward when we name the evil of clericalism."  He begins with the following:

"As finger pointing and efforts to blame individuals or groups for the massive crisis in the church today continues, and many church leaders, experts, those claiming to be theologians and justifiably angry and indignant Catholics diagnose the current tragic state of affairs in the church, theories abound. In some misinformed minds, the current abuse crisis is caused by obligatory celibacy for priests in the Latin Rite, homosexual members of the clergy and episcopacy, alcoholics, bishops unwilling to submit their resignations, etc., yet there is one glaring word that many avoid speaking: the evil of clericalism that is at the root of the crisis."   To read the article, click HERE.


National Review Board Issues Statement Calling for Lay Leadership Amid Sexual Abuse Crisis

The National Review Board (NRB), established in 2002 to work collaboratively with the Committee for the Protection of Children and Young People in preventing the sexual abuse of minors in the United States by persons in the service of the Church, has issued a statement in response to the recent revelations of sexual misconduct. The statement says, in part:

."The National Review Board firmly believes, as has been expressed by several bishops in recent days, that the episcopacy needs to be held accountable for these past actions, and in the future, for being complicit, either directly or indirectly, in the sexual abuse of the vulnerable. Holding bishops accountable will require an independent review into the actions of the bishop when an allegation comes to light. The only way to ensure the independence of such a review is to entrust this to the laity, as recently suggested by Cardinal DiNardo. The NRB, composed exclusively of lay members, would be the logical group to be involved in this task."  The entire statement is available on the USCCB website. Click HERE.


Season of Creation

Christians throughout the world are uniting in special prayer and action on behalf of creation during the Season of Creation which extends from September 1st through October 4th, the Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi. The theme for this year's celebration is "walking together" toward better care of our common home.


AUSCP member Tom Shea, CSC, sent information from the Holy Cross International Justice Office which names a number of useful resources that can be accessed on internet. You can reach them through the following links: 

Holy Cross International Justice Office


Global Catholic Climate Movement: 

Season of Creation and Live Laudato Si’


UISG: Sowing Hope for the Planet


JPIC website


This campaign calls on all of us to reflect more deeply on Laudato Si’ and discover new ways to actualize Pope Francis’ call to an “ecological conversion,” both personally and in our various communities.


 Opportunity for Change

NCR online published an essay by John Gehring (Aug. 24) with the title of:  "Why I’m Not leaving the Catholic Church". NCR followed it up with a survey which drew 332 responses. The majority of those who responded indicated that they see the sexual abuse crisis as an opportunity for necessary changes in the Church. Some of the changes they called for include an end to clericalism, restructuring of church, elevation of women to leadership roles, ordination of women, and married priests. You can access the survey report HERE.


Catholic Mobilizing Network 

We must continue to stand for life by advocating for clemency and gathering as a community in prayer. Pope Francis has declared that the Death Penalty is "inadmissible." We are working to stop executions. You can help by clicking on the links below and calling for clemency for those scheduled for execution.

Upcoming Executions:

Each click makes a difference! We encourage you to edit and personalize these letters. 

Prayer transforms and renews us. Prayer is often a source of strength for others, particularly as we lift up those to be executed, their families, the victims and the victim’s families. Click here to download CMN's latest prayer vigil for an execution. 

Trip to Rome, Assisi, Florence

Travel with AUSCP member David LaPlante to witness the canonizations of Pope Paul VI and Archbishop Oscar Romero

Dates: October 11-17   Cost: $3,399.00 (includes airfare)

Call Proximo Travel (855-842-8001) to register for Trip #651; or, register online at: www.proximotravel.com

Brochures with more details are available by contacting the AUSCP office: office@uscatholicpriests.org 



St. Louis, Missouri: JUNE 24-27, 2019


God's Priestly People: 

the Baptized & the Ordained

Confirmed Speakers:

Richard Gaillardetz, Joseph Professor of Catholic Systematic Theology, Boston College

Sr. Norma Pimentel, MJ, Executive Director, Catholic Charities of Rio Grande Valley

Cardinal Blase Cupich, Archdiocese of Chicago

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