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The main definition of the church is this: the community of the faithful in communion with the Father, through the incarnate Son, in the Holy Spirit, and in communion with each other and with their leaders. … The trinitarian vision produces a vision of a church that is more communion than hierarchy, more service than power, more circular than pyramidal, more loving embrace than bending the knee before authority.

- Leonardo Boff


Links to 2018 Assembly Presentations

Katarina Schuth 

Bishop R. McElroy

Richard Rohr


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Catholic Climate Covenant

Catholic Energies Project

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Volunteers to to assist with the homily resources would be welcomed; contact Michael Agliardo, SJ: magliardo@jesuits.net

Gospel Nonviolence Working Group Invitation

Nine AUSCP members tuned into the Gospel Nonviolence conference of July 31st on Zoom, sharing their experiences with guns and gun violence. All members are invited to the next one: "A conversation with Clare Grady of The Kings Bay Plowshares Trident Nuclear Base Action of April, 2018."  Fr. Steve Kelly, SJ with six Catholic Workers are now preparing for their Federal Jury Trial. The Conference is slated for Tuesday, August 21, 2018, 3 - 4 pm, ET. Please register to receive the Video link/Call-in-number at survil@uscatholicpriests.org/ or by phone at: 724-523-0291. Background information can be found at http://www.kingsbayplowshares7.org/ 

Opportunity for Learning More About Immigration


Faith in Public Life is partnering with Hope Border Institute and the Diocese of El Paso for a border immersion and intensive media training for priests, September 4-6, 2018They are primarily searching for priests in the states where Faith in Public Life has full-time organizers -- Ohio, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, and Virginia. They are starting with identifying priests in these states so that they can continue to support them in person when they return home.


After the training each priest will be asked to partner with interfaith leaders across the country who have recently visited the border in support of individuals and families in immigration detention, and families who have not been reunited. For more information, contact John Gehring, Faith in Public Life, 410-302-3792.

The AUSCP will help sponsor a priest to this training. If interested, please notify Bob Bonnot, auscpbonnot@gmail.com.

Church-Labor Working Group

At the request of AUSCP's Church-Labor Working Group, the National Association of Church Personnel Administrators (NACPA) has agreed to revisit and update their position paper of 1986 on "Just Treatment for Those Who Work for the Church." The first meeting of the Task Force for this endeavor was held on August 8, 2018. Eugene Pocernich, co-chair of the AUSCP Church-Labor Working Group, represented the AUSCP at the meeting and will continue to participate in this important project.

Liberty & Justice for All

Calling for liberty and justice for all, thousands of union members and faith and community allies held a demonstration to call for an end to family separation and detention on August 15th. AUSCP members Bob Bonnot and Bernie Survil represented the AUSCP at this ecumenical gathering at Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia. This is the largest labor-led demonstration in the country thus far. Various church and civic leaders called for an end to the cruel and inhumane policies that are presently being enforced against immigrants in the U.S.

Archbishop Raymond Hunthausen


 AUSCP member Michael Ryan gave the homily for the funeral of Archbishop Raymond Hunthausen (August 1st) who was a proponent of the spirit and the values of Vatican II. The homily began with these words: "This is not going to be your usual funeral homily, but Archbishop Hunthausen was not your usual bishop, was he? And I know: a homily is supposed to break open the scriptures and shed light on them. But Archbishop Hunthausen’s very life was a homily on those scriptures. His life was a courageous prophecy. His life was a Gospel."  To read this inspirational homily on the Beatitudes, click HERE. 

Death Penalty: Letter to the Editor


After hearing of Pope Francis' statement on the Death Penalty, AUSCP member Jim Griffin, Diocese of Richmondwrote the following letter to the editor:

"It is with gratitude that I recently learned of the Holy Father’s/Church’s  treatment of the Death Penalty. His unambiguous declaration that the promulgation of the Death Penalty is immoral cannot be clearer. I have often heard and taught that it is very difficult to be pro-life consistently and constantly because in addition to the unborn and the need to protect their lives, there are other stages of life in need of the same protection – as Cardinal  Bernardin  taught with his concept of the “seamless garment of life issues”. Some people do things which disgust us (like decide who lives and who dies). Even with that horrible truth – and it is horrible – in some way their lives are sacred and authored by God. May we offer prayers at this time for the unborn, those developing and maturing, those in relationships including Marriage, those who are sick, elderly, dying, discounted, and yes – even those who have acted immorally and find themselves under the 'sentence of death'. God has created them in goodness and as we are all sinners we all are in need of redemption by a loving God."

Climate Change Activist

AUSCP Friend Steven Coleman, who attended the 2019 AUSCP Assembly, was featured in NCR (August 9) in an article by Tom Boswell titled "Guided by the spirit, climate activist takes one step at a time." Steven lives on a 72-acre farm in Madison, Wisconsin, where he uses solar power and other earth friendly practices in his care of the earth. The article states: "He started with his home, then reached out to his parish, and finally stepped into the national arena and the halls of Congress in his campaign to combat climate change."

You can access the article HERE.

Resources for Feast of St. Francis

AUSCP collaborates with the Catholic Climate Covenant (CCC) effort. The CCC has prepared a downloadable 2018 90-minute educational program for parish use to celebrate the feast of St. Francis (Oct. 4) and our call to Care for Our Common Home. This year's program is titled Who is My Neighbor in a Climate - Threatened World? The kit includes a 14-minute video and a blessing of animals. You can secure the materials at:  catholicclimatecovenant.org/FOSF

Trip to Rome, Assisi, Florence

Travel with AUSCP member David LaPlante to witness the canonizations of Pope Paul VI and Archbishop Oscar Romero

Dates: October 11-17   Cost: $3,399.00 (includes airfare)

Call Proximo Travel (855-842-8001) to register for Trip #651; or, register online at: www.proximotravel.com

Brochures with more details are available by contacting the AUSCP office: office@uscatholicpriests.org 



St. Louis, Missouri: JUNE 24-27, 2019


God's Priestly People: 

the Baptized & the Ordained

Confirmed Speakers:

Richard Gaillardetz, Joseph Professor of Catholic Systematic Theology, Boston College

Sr. Norma Pimentel, MJ, Executive Director, Catholic Charities of Rio Grande Valley

More to come.

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