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God our Creator, we call You Father, Mother, Author of Life:

Draw us closer to You, O God.

Christ our Savior, we call You the Son, the Messiah, the One who saves:

Draw us closer to You, O God.

Holy Spirit, we call you the Advocate, the Inspirer, Breath and Wind of God:

Draw us closer to You, O God.

Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty; Heaven and earth are full of Your glory:

Draw us closer to You, O God.

Draw us in Spirit, Christ and Creator, that we might journey with You more fully and deeply, in this life and beyond. Amen.

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2019 Assembly Schedule

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Katarina Schuth 

Bishop R. McElroy

Richard Rohr


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Invitation to Participate in Assembly Immigration Action

Alex Garcia has been living in the basement of Christ Church UCC in St. Louis in public sanctuary for the past 18 months. Garcia entered the United States illegally 16 years ago. He found a home in Poplar Bluff, MO, where he married and has five children. Now he faces deportation. Garcia had been checking in with ICE and had received multiple stays of deportation before the Trump administration implemented a "zero tolerance" policy for people in the country illegally.

Among Garcia's advocates are his southeastern Missouri neighbors from a staunch Trump supporting area. (See New York magazine article.)

A delegation from the AUSCP Assembly will visit Garcia on the evening of Tuesday, June 25th. Participants in this event will be encouraged to add their voices to call for permanent residence for Garcia and for justice for all immigrants. YOU can also add your voice. Garcia's supporters are pushing for a private bill in Congress to achieve this. They have created an online petition for the cause where you can sign your name.

Please take action!

AUSCP Leadership Team Nominees

Louie Arceneaux, CM (Congregation of the Mission), has served as Secretary for the AUSCP Leadership Team for the past three years. He is completing his first term and is eligible for re-election.

Louie, ordained in 1966, has knowledge and passion for liturgy, along with knowledge and passion for peace and justice in Church and society.

When asked about his priesly experience, Louie shared: Years of teaching liturgy and sacramental theology in seminaries after receiving doctorate in theology from San Anselmo in Rome; being active on liturgical committees in dioceses and working with AUSCP Task force to deal with the present Roman Missal; being in charge of peace and justice committee for his Vincentian province and a long time member of Pax Christi USA, as well as long time participant in peace demonstrations at the School of America in Fort Benning, Ga.

There are three new nominees who are willing to serve on the LT: Ray Cole, Diocese of Metuchen; Steve Newton,CSC; and  Norman Supancheck, Diocese of Los Angeles. Ray and Norman were featured in the last bulletin and Steve is featured here.

Steve Newton, CSC, (Congregation of Holy Cross), is a Notre Dame graduate who also has an MA in Pastoral Studies from Loyola University, Chicago, and a Doctorate of Public Service (HC) from University of Portland. Currently, he serves as a Campus Minister at St. Mary’s College. Pastoral experiences include positions in various schools, parishes and institutions in Illinois, Oregon, Indiana, and East Africa. He has been a teacher, Notre Dame Rector, founder of addictions treatment programs in the US and abroad; and first director of the South Bend Center for the Homeless.  

When asked what strengths he brings to the Leadership Team of the AUSCP, Steve replied: Creative thinking; persistence; faith in the Spirit; desire for authenticity; help others see in new ways. I consider status quo to be merely a step to what is next in any endeavor, including religion and spirituality.  So I am always looking for new ways to understand and proclaim the Word.  Often enough, therefore, I initially find myself on the margins rather than at the center of developments until persistence leads to understanding.  Then, it’s time to move on.

Elections will take place at the June Assembly in St. Louis, June 24-27. Nominations from the floor will be accepted.

AUSCP Letter to Bishops Quoted in La Croix

The International Newsletter La Croix (June 6, 2019) reported on the letter that the AUSCP sent to all bishops in May, prior to the bishops' annual June meeting. The letter to the bishops urged them to focus on three priorities: drawing the curtain on its culture of secrecy, ending clericalism, and giving women more roles in Church affairs. The article quoted AUSCP chair, Kevin Clinton:


"We are in crisis. We need change," wrote Father Kevin Clinton, a priest of the Archdiocese of St. Paul – Minneapolis. "Please engage all of God's People in bringing about the needed change. Clericalism most especially must be eradicated, and women must be integrated."


Click HERE to read the article in La Croix.

New Document Reorganizes Vatican Bureauracy

Pope Francis has issued a new document, Praedicate Evangelium ("Preach the Gospel"), which emphasizes that officials must no longer consider themselves a "superior authority" but servants of the pope and the world's bishops. The document also stresses that the Vatican staff, (Roman Curia), should include lay men and women "in governing roles of importance and responsibility," including as heads of the various offices.

To learn more, read "Proposed new apostolic constitution reorders Vatican's offices" by Joshua J. McElwee, NCR, June 5th edition.

ACTA Publications Offers Discount & Donation

Association of U.S. Catholic Priest supporters can get a 10% discount and raise money for AUSCP by purchasing books from ACTA Publications, including Fr. Jim Bacik’s new Enduring Wisdom for Today’s Spiritual Seekers, which answers 154 provocative questions for everyday life; (Foreword by Fr. Bob Bonnot). ACTA also offers many titles that relate to AUSCP’s 2019 Assembly colloquia. New titles include books by Fr. Dom Grassi, Br. Loughlan Sofield and Sr. Carroll Juliano, Fr. Don Cozzens, and Barbara Pawlikowski  (with Foreword by Sr. Joyce Rupp). If you purchase any books from www.actapublications.com and use coupon AUSCP at checkout, you receive a 10% discount and AUSCP receives a 20% donation.


St. Louis, Missouri: JUNE 24-27, 2019

God's Priestly People: The Baptized & the Ordained

2019 Assembly Schedule

Retreat Leader: Sebastian Gomes,  Monday, June 24, 9:30 AM-2:30 PM

"Go, Repair & Rebuild My Church: Reclaiming the Priesthood of the Faithful"


Cardinal Blase Cupich, Archdiocese of Chicago: "Ordination does Not Annihilate Our Baptism"

Richard Gaillardetz, Joseph Professor of Catholic Systematic Theology, Boston College:  "To Form a Priestly People - Toward a Non-Clerical Theology of Priesthood"

Sr. Norma Pimentel, MJ, Executive Director, Catholic Charities of Rio Grande Valley:   "Today's Leaders in the Church"


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