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2019 Assembly

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Thanks for including The Cana Institute in your vendors.  And for being welcomed to attend the sessions which were excellent.  Both my husband and I enjoyed the conference very much and were touched by the very receptive, adult, humble and good spirit that prevailed at the Conference.  It was a joy to be with all of you.

As  I said to Jerry driving home, this was not a “gripe or whining conference.”  These are men who love the Church and want more for Her and Her people."

Thanks again. Gratefully,  

Bridget Brennan & Jerry Shen

2019 Exhibitors


Links to 2019 Assembly Presentations: 

Dr. Richard Gaillardetz 

Sr. Norma Pimentel

Cardinal Blase Cupich (text only)


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AUSCP Members Give Witness in DC

AUSCP members Bernie Survil (Greensburg Diocese) and Steve Newton, (Congregation of Holy Cross), participated in a Catholic Day of Action for Immigrant Children on Thursday July 18, in Washington, DC. Many Catholic groups, including the AUSCP, endorsed this demonstration calling for better treatment of immigrant children. Bernie Survil and Steve Newton were among the seventy who were arrested. They were held in detention for several hours. We thank them for their courageous witness.

According to the Franciscan Action Network (FAN): The Catholic Day of Action for Immigrant Children brought together more than 200 Catholic sisters, priests, brothers and lay Catholic advocates representing nearly 20 national organizations who sang, prayed, and chanted as they demanded an end to the immoral and inhumane practice of detaining immigrant children. This action is the beginning of a campaign in which Catholic leaders are increasing their willingness to take significant risks as an act of faithful resistance. Photos here. Video of civil disobedience here.

Bishop Sends Letter to Congress on Immigration

On July 12, 2019, Bishop Edward Malesic of the Greensburg Diocese sent a letter to Pennsylvania's U.S. Senators and Representatives whose districts include some of the area of the Diocese. He also sent a copy of the letter to President Trump. The letter read, in part:

I am asking you to represent me and those people of good will and faith who share my beliefs to the best of your ability: to protect the vulnerable, to welcome the stranger, to secure our borders, to tend to the needs of immigrant children and families no matter their home of origin, and to welcome those from dangerous and impoverished countries who have risked life and limb in the hopes of finding the particular brand of American hospitality and care that sets us apart from other nations.  Please work as hard as you can to create and support legislation that releases the unnecessary stranglehold on immigration to the United States that has caused tragic and inhumane consequences.

May God bless America.  But, also, may we use God’s blessings to love those who are most in need. 

The full text can be found at:


2019 Assembly Presentations Available

The 2019 Asembly presentations of Dr. Richard Gaillardetz and Sr. Norma Pimentel are now available on Youtube. The links are on the AUSCP website. The text of the presentation by Cardinal Blase Cupich is posted on the AUSCP website:


Priesthood and Celibacy

AUSCP member Peter Daly wrote an article in NCR (July 15th online edition) titled  "The priesthood is being crucified on the cross of celibacy." As he begins the article, he says:

"We cannot bring about real reform of the Roman Catholic priesthood unless we do away with mandatory celibacy for diocesan priests in the Latin rite.

Why would that improve the priesthood?

It would make priests more honest about ourselves and sexuality.


With real parents in the priesthood, it would make us more aware of the vulnerability of children and more outraged at their abuse. (Does anybody really think that if bishops were also real fathers that they would have covered up so much child abuse?)"


You can access the full article HERE.

Can Francis Change the Church? How American Catholics Are Responding to His Leadership

A new book with this title by AUSCP member Thomas P. Sweetser, SJ(New York, Crossroad Publishing Company, 2019), examines whether the papacy under Pope Francis has changed the relationship of Catholics with the Church. In 2011, he set out to interview a broad range of American Catholics, both practicing and non-practicing, about their relationship with the Church.  A few years into the new papacy, Fr. Sweetser asked the same people again.  Had anything changed with Pope Francis?  The answers are enlightening for the church’s future. Direct conversations with people from different walks of life, ages 20 to 80 years old, touch on hot button issues, such as hierarchy, women in the church, and sexual abuse, and offer insights into the nature of a deep desire for authentic spirituality.  Together these conversations offer a picture of the current state of the Catholic Church as experienced by its members.

White Papers Available

White papers on Women's Status in the Church and on Confronting the Systemic Dysfunction of Clericalism were presented and affirmed at the Assembly. Multiple copies of the clericalism document were printed due to a generous donor through Voice of the Faithful.

You can order these free of charge by sending a request to:            office@uscatholicpriests.org.

Donations for postage are appreciated, but not required. Both papers are available electronically. Both are also available on the AUSCP website:   AUSCP - HOME 

Message from Justice for Priests & Deacons

Justice for Priests and Deacons is an international independent canon law group that was founded in 1997 to assist clergy to know and adequately defend their canonical rights. If you or someone you know needs canonical counsel or advocacy, please email or call us immediately.  Do not wait on calling a competent canonist until it is too late to do so. (702) 726-6777 or justiceforpriests2020@gmail.com

A Place Called Home

Musician and songwriter Jan Michael Joncas gave permission for the AUSCP to use one of his inspiring songs, "A PLace Called Home," as a theme song of the AUSCP Assemblies. You can access it with a video of photos taken primarily at AUSCP Assemblies, through the AUSCP website or at this link:


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