September 22, 2019
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             Season of Creation Action Alert             

Dear ,

As we contemplate the grace of God in the “Season of Creation,” and on behalf of the Catholic Climate Covenant (CCC), we are asking that you prayerfully consider participating in an “Action Alert” that has been forwarded to us by the CCC. 

Specifically, the Covenant is soliciting persons to communicate with their respective Senators about Senate bill 1743, “The International Climate Accountability Act.”  This legislation was introduced by Senator Shaheen (D-NH), and asks the President to submit a plan for the United States to honor its commitment to the Paris Agreement.  There are more details of this legislation in that document below from the CCC.

As you are aware, the AUSCP gave priority to Climate Change at last June’s Assembly in St. Louis.  We are asking you to consider participation in this important legislation; it is easily done.  You can copy the message provided by the Catholic Climate Covenant in the document below and email it to your Senators, or send the same message via “snail mail.”  This should not take much time at all. 

The AUSCP is represented on the Steering Committee of the CCC, and we are happy to join this organization in their ministry of stewardship of what the good God has created.  It is important that voices are heard as Pope Francis has enjoined us many times.

We thank you for your time and generosity in this regard.

Lots of hope,

Michael Allison


Climate Advocacy Recommendations During the Season of Creation

Prepared for the Association of US Catholic Priests

By the Catholic Climate Covenant

Contact:  Jose Aguto,, 202-756-5545




Advocates for climate action in the United States have been working for decades to move the nation’s attitude about climate change from indifference to action.  Grand movements within society take a long time to manifest, requiring untold years of work, sacrifice and persistence that are necessary to bring such movements to the pivot point, that manifests a new direction, a social, moral, cultural commitment to the greater good.  A critical part of the work is increasing the buy-in from key institutions, which the US Catholic Church – of 75m adherents unified sacramentally – can be called.  It also involves participation in key moments to bring fresh energy to enduring efforts.  Such a moment is now.


People in the United States are becoming increasingly concerned about climate change.  The Season of Creation from Sept 1 to Oct 4, provides an optimal moment for the US Catholic Church to express a powerful call.  It also amplifies and compliments powerful moments, including the Climate Strikes (Sept 20-27), UN Climate Summit in NYC (Sept 23), Feast of St. Francis, and the Vatican’s Amazonian Synod (Oct 6-27).  Now is a time to reaffirm the call for the nations of our world, especially the United States, to join together in common cause.


That template for action was already set through the Paris Agreement, signed by 194 nations including the United States, in Dec. 2015.  Its goal is to prevent a climate crisis by working together to keep global temperatures from rising about 2 degrees Celsius.  But in June 2017, President Trump announced that the US would withdraw from the Agreement. 


Pope Francis, Pope Emeritus Benedict, St. Pope John Paul II, and the USCCB have consistently supported international climate negotiations.  The USCCB found the President’s withdrawal to be “deeply troubling.” Nearly 800 other U.S. Catholic institutions – including over 50 Catholic dioceses, expressed agreement through the Catholic Climate Declaration


On June 5th, 2019, Sen. Shaheen (D-NH) introduced the International Climate Accountability Act (S.1743) calling upon the President to develop and submit a plan for the United States to meet its commitments under the Agreement and prohibiting the funding of efforts towards our nation’s withdrawal from it.  This bipartisan bill is cosponsored by 46 Senators.


If you are interested in calling your Senators, please thank those Senators who have co-sponsored the bill, and ask those Senators who have not, to do so. As general reference, all Senate Democrats and Independents have co-sponsored the bill except Sen. Manchin (D-WV), and no Senate Republicans have co-sponsored the bill except Sen. Collins (R-ME).


Please consider using the following text as a guide if you wish to call the Senator.  You can also send an e-mail to your Senators via this action alert on the Catholic Climate Covenant’s website.   


Template Language for a call to your Senators


Dear Senator _________,


My name is ______ who resides in your state.  As a faithful Catholic seeking national and global leadership to address the climate crisis, I [ask that you to sponsor / OR / thank you for sponsoring] the International Climate Accountability Act (S.1743).  The bill calls upon the Administration to develop and submit a plan for our nation to meet our commitments under the Paris Agreement. I hope you will redouble your efforts to encourage the Senators who have not done so, to co-sponsor it as well.


The Paris Agreement is a major step by the world’s nations to address the climate crisis and ensure a livable future for all peoples, especially future generations, and our planet.  The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) find President Trump’s announced withdraw from the Paris Agreement to be deeply troubling.   Nearly 800 other U.S. Catholic institutions expressed agreement through the Catholic Climate Declaration


Climate change is causing major suffering in our nation and around the world through intensifying floods and drought. Sea-levels are rising affecting millions today and future generations will suffer even more. Yet our nation is failing to provide global leadership to protect our children, the most vulnerable peoples and our shared future. This is not morally acceptable.  The United States should remain a party of the Paris Agreement.


[Thank you for expressing your care for God’s Creation, the poor, and our children co-sponsoring the bi-partisan International Climate Accountability Act.] OR


[Please co-sponsor the International Climate Accountability Act.  The bill calls upon the Administration to develop and submit a plan for our nation to meet our commitments under the Paris Agreement.  The time for moral leadership on climate change is now.]



(Your name)


NB. You can contact your senators by calling the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121, and/or you can find their contact information at:

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